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    The ultimate goal in our projects is to upgrade the living conditions in a qualitative small or large built environment with timeless solutions that offer the best value for money. Solutions that meet high and specialized specifications of functionality, aesthetics and construction details.

    Our professional activities started in 1975 in the fields of Interior Architecture and Interior Design on projects for Residential and Commercial use. Today, our continuing professional experience is complemented with modern approaches and innovative applications of technology. The outcome gives us the ability to create residential spaces, villas and apartments that satisfy both functionality needs and aesthetic expectations of the user. Commercial spaces such as hotels, spas, travel agencies, companies, offices, shops, medical centers, convention centers for social events, as well as dining and entertainment areas (restaurants, cafes, bars) have special operational requirements.


    The diverse styles in Interior Architecture and Interior Design such as the minimalist, the neoclassical, the Greek style of the countryside, the French or the English style (Greek-French-English country style), occur in different forms depending on the country that appear, giving the user the potential choice. The style that will be applied on the project defines the design context in which we will act. The styles, in addition to their typology to which they belong (modernism, classicism etc.), are defined with features of design which are not fixed. They vary depending on the location, time and space, as well as the ability of the designers. Thus, morphology is described with a set of features which define the style.


    Architecture together with Interior Architecture and Interior Design are required to have close relationship of mutual acceptance among them in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and morphology of the interiors and the building. To achieve this relationship effectively, it requires cooperation of these fields from the initial stage of design on new construction or reconstruction projects.


    The team of our partners with practical and communication skills increase the development efficiency of the design and implementation of the projects that we undertake. The skill set of each partner helps to process the project objectives so that their outcome fully meets the needs and the expectations of the client. Our team is composed of interior architects, interior designers, 3D CAD design specialists, architects, landscape architects and civil engineers, as well as professionals specialized in lighting, automation, security and audio-visual systems.


    “Give me the luxuries of life and I will gladly do without the necessities.”

    Frank Lloyd Wright (1867- 1959) - Architect and Interior Designer.

    Emmanouil Akogiounoglou
    Design Team Manager

    Oxford Brookes University
    University of Brighton
    Democritus University of Thrace

    Graduate of Oxford Brookes University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, BEng in Civil Engineering, awarded with Honours. Graduate of University of Brighton with a Master of Science degree, MSc in Civil Engineering, awarded with Distinction. Obtained equivalence and correspondence of the degree in Civil Engineering awarded from the National Technical University of Athens and other Greek Higher Education Institutions, after successfully completing the required supplementary examinations at the Democritus University of Thrace. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece as a Licensed Civil Engineer.

    Niki Lidaki
    Interior Designer

    Doxiadis School
    Technological Educational Institute of Athens
    Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Venezia
    National Technical University of Athens

    Graduate of Doxiadis School in Athens from the Department of Interior Design. Graduate of Technological Educational Institute of Athens from the Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design of the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design. Studied at Accademia Di Belle Arti di Venezia at the Department of Decorative Arts and at the National Technical University of Athens at the School of Architecture.

    Haris Akogiounoglou
    Interior Architect

    Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
    Athens School of Fine Arts

    Graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul with a degree in Interior Architecture. Graduate of Athens School of Fine Arts with a degree and award in Scenography from the Department of Decorative Arts, Promotion and Scenography. Awarded the Second Prize in Decorative Arts at the Pottery and Decorative Arts Exhibition held by the Center of Fine Arts and Letters of the Greek Ministry of Culture. The Hellenic Club of Writers in Athens awarded him with the «Honoris Causa» Diploma for his high and considerable contribution towards the rise and culture of Modern Greek society. He is Included in the Dictionary of Greek Artists, Volume A’ (p. 26) by Melissa Publishing House. He is a Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.



    Interior Architecture and Interior Design enhance the standard of living, offer quality of life and create culture.




    Interior space planning, layout and configuration

    Choices of building and finish materials

    Choices of materials for custom-designed elements

    Lighting design

    Electrical systems configuration

    Mechanical and hydraulic systems integration into the design


    Layout of furniture and equipment

    Choices of materials, furniture and equipment

    Color combinations and patterns

    Choices of decorative materials (fabrics, curtains, carpets etc)

    Choices of works of art


    Outdoor space planning, layout and configuration

    Choices of building and finish materials

    Choices of materials for custom-designed elements

    Color combinations and patterns

    Choices of furniture and equipment

    Lighting design

    Hydraulic systems integration into the design


    Design or redesign the features of the building appearance


    Highlight building aesthetics with lighting that integrates unobtrusively into its environment



    Selection of construction personnel if requested

    Explanation of design drawings and specifications to the contractor, subcontractors, manufacturers and technicians

    Selections of appropriate construction methods and materials that meet the required quality specifications

    Construction personnel on-site consulting from project start to finish, in order for the works to conform accurately to the design drawings/specifications and to provide quality of construction, as well as to resolve implementation issues that may arise








    Travel agencies




    Medical centers




    Convention centers for social events